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Working together we can make Australia a greater place for all

About Kirrawe

Kirrawe Indigenous Corporation is a not-for-profit community-based Charity providing culturally responsive services to Indigenous communities living in South East Queensland. We provide tools to strengthen the spirit and empower the soul, giving a hand up not a hand out.

Our Mission

To provide holistic services to those affected by past government policies of dislocation and separation - resulting in intergenerational trauma, loss of identity, spiritual unwellness and disconnect from Kin, culture and Country.

Our Vision

A reconciled Australia with equal opportunities for all. We believe in a country that recognises the truth about its past to build a better future, giving Indigenous peoples their rightful place in the nation's identity.

Our Services

Our aim is to build relationships and provide opportunities to re-connect through holistic service delivery


We give a voice to those who are 'voiceless' so they can be heard


Healing the Spirit therapy using Dreamtime Healing (Holographic Kinetics)

In home support

Providing a listening ear and to assist with relationship building

Let's Stand Together

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Standing together we can change the world as we are all part of humanity

As Australian Indigenous peoples we believe the physical, social, emotional, mental, cultural, and spiritual understanding of the world cannot be divorced from one another and is our holistic world-view. We all need a sense of belonging, a connection to place, and relationship with family.

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Whether you are Indigenous or not, if you want to be involved in our organisation as a beneficiary or volunteer you are more than welcome. If you wish to donate, but need more information about our services please contact us.

Meet our CEO and Board of Directors


Dr Rosemary Norman-Hill



Aunty Laura Peacock

Contact Person


Wendy Dempster


Important Notice

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this website may contain the images of peoples who have passed.